How rational are your business decisions?

Did you ever wonder whether your business decisions are resulting in the highest possible pay-offs?
In many cases hard decisions are made by intuition, without taking all relevant factors into account.
Most organisations can improve their results by rationalising their decision making process.

Every organisation has data available.
The purpose of Data Insights is to distill relevant facts from these data and add value to organisations. 

Data Insights provides four services:

* Data Management
* Data Analysis
* Data Science
* Dashboarding

Data Insights was founded by Dianne Kaptein, an econometrician with over five year experience in consulting.
Kaptein has a rare combination of great social skills, business knowledge and hard skills like programming and modelling.
Business partners describe Kaptein as smart, hands-on, social and reliable.


Interested? Please contact Kaptein via the contact form or / 06-43453827.