Data Insights offers four services: data management, data analysis, data science and dashboarding.

Data Management

Many organisations struggle with setting up a transparant data structure as a base for analyses. 
Data Insights can assist with designing, implementing or improving data structures.

Data Analysis

For organisations that have a good data structure in place, but do not really use it to distill useful insights, we offer data analysis services.
This service is about exploring your data: no fancy computations or models, but simply helping organisations to find useful information they did not even know they had.

Data Science

Data science is a service for organisations that already know which data is available and already use data analysis, but want to leverage their information even more.
Techniques like econometric modelling, algorithms, forecasting and simulation are applied to find the optimal solution to difficult problems.


Dashboarding may not be very advanced in terms of applying mathematical techniques, but can add a lot of value for almost every organisation.
We provide transparent, interactive dashboards, that can be produced automatically every period.