Kaptein has assisted over twenty organisations in her work as consultant for PwC Data Analytics. The reference projects below are an illustration of the projects in which she engaged over the past five years. Data Insights was founded in 2017 and has assisted three clients: the Business Control division of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Performance & Risk division of Blue Sky Group and Eichholtz. All projects required a combination of project management, data management and modelling.

Reference Projects

A Dutch bank had lost oversight of their world-wide projects and needed an overview of all projects to see if they could reallocate their projects budgets. Using a combination of VBA, Excel and Powerpoint we were able to make an insightful report that showed basic statistics of the projects. Based on the report the bank stopped some redundant projects. Also, the bank realised that it was necessary to start some new projects.

A foreign bank needed to search their data for illegal transactions. By text mining and smart data conversion we were able to identify suspicious transactions that could be reviewed manually by the bank’s lawyers.

As a result, a lot of time was saved by automising the data proces instead of reviewing transactions manually.

Dutch municipalities wanted to optimize their garbage collection strategies. We helped them identifying the effect of several strategies, by collecting data and fitting a (logatithmic) model.

A public organisation spent a lot of time in assembling monthly reports on KPIs. We adviced them to use an interactive dashboard in Qlikview, which automatically computed KPIs for every subdivision.

The improved transparency helped the management team to improve their organisation’s results in terms of quality and productivity.